Awareness & Conciousness; strange bedfellows


Awareness and conciousness are like what fish is to water.We are all like a drop in the vast ocean of conciousness experiencing oneself as separate entities because we are separated from one another by an individual soul and invidual body.So we are actually not human beings on a spiritual journey but spirit beings on a human journey,having a human experience.Spirit being encased in a human body and experiencing life in a dense three dimensionional construct that is this universe.

This conciousness is expressed in many different ways depending on the awareness level of individual souls or individual entities.Differently in humans,differently in animals and differently in other evolved sentient beings in this universe.How the conciousness or spirit expresses itself in this third dimensional matrix or grid is directly related to how self-realised or self-aware the sentient being is.Plant life and animal life in the lower rung,human beings above and of course you have angels and other highly evolved beings,otherworldly beings that are more evolved,intuned or concious and so on.Greater awareness bestows higher intelligence, enhancedcognitive abilities and advanced perception and varies from species to species and sometimes can even vary vastly within members of the same species.Although being in the same grid there tends to be some homogenity by space-time association.Now the question is if awareness is directly related to conciousness then how to increase this conciousness? and why does one even have to increase their awareness or enhance their level of conciousness?

Because it is directly related to the amount of peace,joy,harmony,love and abundance one will experience in their lives.When one experiences these positive attributess then automatically and naturally one will reflect it out in the world and vice versa.To be loving one has to be loved first but to be loved one has to be loving.what came first? chicken or egg? To bring peace one has to be peacefull first,to be joyfull one has to at least know what joy is by experience or example.Just a tiny glimpse into higher awarenesss or higher conciousness can demonstrate to the most miserable of souls what wonder and abundance lies beyond!

So awareness and conciousness are the key to breaking the glass ceiling and effectively dealing with and move past depression,pain, sorrow,darkness,negativity,hopelessness and sometimes believe it or not diseases too.Many health proffesssionals modern and ancient believed that state of mind and health and well being are directly related.Anyone heard of the old saying; as you think you are,as you feel you are,as you believe you are…

So can it be said that your awareness and conciousness play a major role in the quality of your life? That perhaps key to all things good,holistic,positive,prosperous and happiness lies within the very way your conciousness has chosen to express itself?

Theres a slight problem though; We live in an imperfect world.Infact to say that the world is not perfect is an understatement.Sometimes it looks like its falling apart with wars,natural disasters,plagues,conflict,global warming etc etc the list goes on..but hold on…dont get raptured yet…theres hope!! the world may seem like its falling apart at its seams but humanity is rising! Yes you heard it right..we are rising..Our awareness and conciousnesss is rising at a rapid rate.Well most of us atleast. Why this dichotomy? Because many in this sea of collective conciousness,a large portion of the population lives in ignorance,total lack of awareness,lacking conciousness and living like programmed robots.Programmed to a lower conciousness,dense construct of belief systems,dogma,judgements,fear ,anger,lack,hatred,envy,negativity,pain,ego etc.Their conciousness has chosen to express itself in a negative spectrum because they dont know any better. Hence they cause by their very nature strife and conflict on all levels and make life and spiritual progress in general difficult for others who are trying to evolve.

The way human beings have inflicted pain onto each other through the millenia and continue to do so has created a vicious cycle of sorts that keeps going on on macro and micro levels of existance.The way to break free from this cycle is to hold on to the lifeline of higher conciousness or awareness.Forgiveness and letting go comes easier to one who has glimpsed this higher state or encountered beings embodying this higher state.One persons miracle is another persons science! Its easier said than done as lower conciousness beings/people can just rub their negativity and density onto a higher conciousness being/person in this grid causing great anguish and internal/external conflict.This is nature’s system of balancing polarised energies.It does not mean that the universe or God hates you or doesnt appreciate the fact that you are trying to do better but it just means you have got to become smarter and know where,who and what to associate yourself with and not give into illusions.Dense and ignorant people always have tricks up their sleeve and will try to suck you into their drama and you wont even know it!

There are many paths to enhancing ones awareness and conciousness but each of us no matter how evolved we may have become have in proportion our own measure of lower conciousness and dense feelings like uncertainity,insecurity, judgement ,prejudice,religious dogma,mental blocks etc.These stop us from exploring different paths of healing and wholenesss. Sometimes we also look away from fantastic opportunities to evolve and transcend because we are so caught up with our problems that we reject the very source of our solutions as we dont understand it.This is the nature of ignorance and density that it will always seek to keep us locked in it to suffer with it and to eventually get destroyed because of it.To live itself is to always take the leap of faith and jump into the unknown.Faith is that which makes us love and live with eyes wide open,accept the inevitable and change that which looks impossible.Faith is one of the by products of higher conciousness and vice versa.

Our conciousness at this time of human evolution on this planet is streching,expanding and contracting also at times and seeking to come forth in full bloom through a trial and error process.That is why spiritual awakening has often been compared to a birthing process. Its a tough mile to walk if you are up for it but there is no choice actually,like a baby coming forth when its time its time! and its not always smooth sailing.Yoga,meditation,faith,holistic healing,detox etc is recommended to keep grounded during this period.The multiverse wishes to reveal its glories to those who are willing to put in the effort.You will know when something resonates with you and also when its stops resonating. Follow the inner guidance; it is higher conciousness trying to direct an aspect of itself; that is our own individual soul.Never reject or accept anything blindly,put in the effort to research everything thoroughly which in this internet age is not rocket science! Pray out aloud if you are conflicted and confused and wait patiently for answers to reveal themselves.Be very carefull what you get into or let into your life for it may determine the direction and trajectory of your spiritual and material life.The material life can sometimes be entwined with your spiritual state of being,though not always and vice versa so be very cautious of associations of any kind.Cautious not cynical,aware not presumptious,faithfull not religious!

Once again the purpose of my blog is to share some of my insights and wisdom to my fellow spiritual seekers on a journey similar to one I have been in myself for a long time.It can be a lonely path to self enquiry,self development and self realisation for not too many have chosen to transcend their darkness, ignorance,Ego and suffering .One must not hesitate to seek and receive help from others on a similar path for they will truly be able to guide you.They know the valleys,the high mountain tops,the shadow alleys and the rocky terrain and have hence developed compassion for their fellow mates on the path.Its an absolute honour and privilage to share my thoughts with you comrades and i hope my words have resonated with you and you can take something away from it.

love and light!

Tanushree Dutta