Depression: real or optical illusion..change your lens and you will find out.

When the physical body is distressed due to viruses,bacteria,genetic mutation,cellular degeneration or just bad lifestyle habits it manifests as a disease.when the soul is distressed it is depression.A disease of the soul is nearly as fatal as the disease of the body for the enemy in this case stays hidden mostly until a kind and compassionate spirit recognizes it and offers healing.

Depression is a psycho-spiritual phenomenon; part psychological and mental but part spiritual.Modern science has figured out how to address the mental or psychological aspect of it by the way of counseling and various psychiatric disciplines but the spiritual aspects of depression still remain unexplored at large and hence unexplained and untreated by and large.

To adress the spiritual aspects of depression one has to first admit and recognise that we human beings are spirit beings in a physical body and that we have a soul that can be distressed and subsequently be healed too.The physical body we wear is sort of a covering or denser manifestation of our subtle or energy body that is called soul,chi,prana etc in different cultures and the wellbeing of this subtle body is directly manifest in the well being of the physical body and vise versa.

Many times there could be several different reasons why depression could be triggered in an individual: Loss of a loved one,failure to accomplish something,complications in a relationship,loss of job or immediate purpose,a setback,shock or duress of any kind,a chronic physical illness,heartbreak or emotional pain,physical or mental trauma,general life struggles,boredom,bad lifestyle habits or perhaps just a lack of direction in life and abscence of clear guidance.

When you can identify the cause of your depression,its easier to trace back and target the root of it by counselling and psychiatry or simply numb yourself by taking medications that supresses the symptoms of depression.But if the cause is yet unknown or unrecognised or unidentifiable then one must take a different approach for it could simply be your souls way of getting your attention.May be your soul your inner being is asking you to slow down,take a beat,a moment and review and reflect on your life, choices,your motivation,your passion or the lack of it and your overall direction in life in general and whatever else that you have chosen to ignore along the way in the high frenzy.In times like these one needs to display immense amount of compassion towards oneself and allow oneself the luxury of introspection and alternate approach to healing and wholeness.When you feel a God sized hole in your core its probably best to fill it up with the spirit of God for nothing else will quite suffice.Sometimes a depression might just be an altar call in disguise!

The dark cloud with many silver linings:

Every cloud has a silver lining.This condition has many!You can choose which one you want to see.Depression can set you on a very different course in life.I went through a very low and negative phase in life personally and proffessionally and that manifested in a peculiar kind of depressive state;one that made me very aware of the transient nature of life in this world,one that attracted many profoundly spiritual experiences seemingly out of nowhere almost like magic.It also instigated a deep desire to learn more about the nature of my soul and spirit as well as seek the creator of all souls and spirits.The quest continues but over a period of time i was able to get a firm grip over my emotions,my mind and its workings,my feeelings and my overall state of being.

Being a sensitive soul i often got personally affected and afflicted by every aspect of my life especially if it didnt go as i had hoped,the ups and downs,the setbacks and disappointments etc.During that time i seeked alternate methods of lifting my spirits up that felt holistic,organic and harmonious to my soul.I embarked on a spiritual journey that took me to various new places,learning new things and experiencing new modes of healing traversing through various religions and world views.Each one distinct but powerfull enough to show me a new perspective on life and slowly but steadily integrating the broken and fragmented pieces of me into a whole new being.I learnt to learn new things without judgement and dogma, i learnt to aquire and process information without carrying the burden of knowledge and letting go of what doesnt serve me without prejudice.I practised by default seeing myself and this world through many different prisms and yet be unattached to any particular worldview.Movement became my new constant and everyday i was being transformed into a new creature,a new kind of being who is capable of experiencing human life intensely but yet is somewhat detached from it too.

This is freedom and freedom is costly.

Many great beings and masters have died for it to be able to give it to you and many great masters and teachers lived amongst you to teach you the way of this freedom.I recognised and realised what it meant to be in this world but yet not be of it and not be governed by it.I learnt to override the programming of fear,disappointment,disturbance,condemnation,judgement and depression to write a new destiny of joy ,peace,abundance, fullfillment and purposefull living.Out of this journey also came a profound sense of compassion and desire to help others struggling through the challenges of life and navigate the low tides of wellbeing that is the topic of this blog.I received a certain level of self mastery and still learning but i was compelled to take on the attitude of a servant to serve and help those that need some help through their dark clouds of depression,confusion and apathy,hoping to lead the way into light many that are struggling in darkness.Out of this journey came a profound desire to share what i have learnt,that perhaps it will help someone in some way.This was my silver lining,you have to find yours.

The path to wellness and wellbeing exists and you will find it at the bottom of the pit sometimes so dont give up yet till you find it.Dont try to escape from the depression or hide it with defensive thought patterns and denials.Embrace it,observe it,work around it and seek a holistic way to approach healing of it. Eventually you will transcend it and from this process will emerge a brand new perspective,new leanings and new purposes.

Someone; a great master once told me a long time ago to look into the darkness and keep staring at it.I did as i was told and realised to my surprise that soon enough as my eyes got accustomed to the darkness i came to the realisation that i can infact see,that it wasnt as dark as i perceived it to be, and that the darkness doesnt even exist.The darkness was an optical illusion,a play of light and the way my eyes received it.I had to however stare at it long enough to come to that conclusion. Are you looking at your darkness??are you facing your dark cloud boldly or are you trying to find ways to escape it?? Stare at it i say a bit and you will start seeeing the silver linings in it,look at it some more and you will see many paths coming out of it,stare at it long enough and you will see thats its not even real! Its an illusion my friend…everything is .Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free…