Starting over in life; adventure or misery?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start all over in life?

Does the thought of letting go of all that is familiar and known and comfortable scare the living daylights out of you?

Where does foolishness end and adventure begin or is there a difference between the two?

What would life be like if only we stepped out of our comfort zone to explore all that life has to offer in terms of experience,learning,travels,thought processs, higher conciousness,health and wellbeing and spirituality.

These are the few questions that often plagued me in my life everytime i stepped into a time of change.By my very nature i sometimes resisted change rather than accept it readily and this tendency to avoid change is what often brought me to conflict within myself.To let go or not to let go.To go for it or not to go for it.To be or not to be. It could be a career shift,personal life decisions to let go of toxic and negative relationships and social atmosphere or moving continents or simply a lifestyle shift from the busy and mundane to the profound and spirititual.Any kind of shift or change requires tremendous courage,conviction and faith that it will all work out eventually even though it may not make seem so at the moment.They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.I say that if that first step is taken in good faith and with earnesty then surely one can be rest assured that the journey itself will yield more than the destination. I learned through thisĀ  journey to yield myself ,to surrender and let go of all that has long served its purpose. I accept changes more easily now because i know its inevitability and have accepted that not everything is in my control.I have learnt to thrive on this kind of movement and this has brought me to a more settled and stable state within myself regardless of my surroundings or worldly situation .This feels like victory! Victory over this everchanging world.A glimpse of the eternal dawns within myself and serves as my anchor.Still a long way to go i would say because human life is fraught with unexpected twists and turns but im glad i took the first steps towards change and transformation when i got the opportunity.Im glad i walked along with the inner guidance i received.I walked away from few things and walked towards somethings new.Im ready to take on the world in a brand new way,have a brand new identity and purpose in this world;one that serves the collective in a brand new way.

Be not afraid to follow your gut instinct and your heart for great changes are upon us all. As a collective human race we are moving through a time of great change and transformation.It manifests in different ways for different people but as a whole we are being guided by higher powers to step into this time of change and find our feet even after the boat rocks,to float above the storm and to eventually master this realm and create a new kind of reality.And it all begins with few small steps.Whatever it is that you know you are being called towards will reveal itself more and more profoundly if you drop the resistance for change and transformation.Thereafter all it takes are the leaps of faith one after another that transform your being compleetely and set you in a new course of destiny altogether.Ofcourse,Pray before you jump into something new as is always recommended by the wise ones.Your faith in God or higher power will act as a parachute or wings incase you make a mistake and dive into a bottomless pit! Nevertheless nobody achieved anything in life by just standing on the edge and staring at the horizon of opportunities beyond.

To start on a new course in life and start over and not feel miserable or shortchanged will require a new kind of mindset,a new way of thinking.That entails not comparing oneself to others,to see oneself clearly and assess and gauge ones own skills,strengths and abilities,to be able to know our weaknesses,hurts and pains,figure out a way to be free from them and be brutally honest with ourselves and above all believe in miracles.Very often our points of referrence is in the world around us,instead if our point of referrence is eternal then we see that this reality,the world and its referrence points are illusionary in nature and will keep us going around in circles.You cannott please everyone so why try even? Instead the wise thing to do at this times to heed the calling of our spirit.Our innermost core that calls us to know ourselves and strengthen our connection with the truth,the spirit and life.

There was a time when the human race was evolving from a primitive caveman existance and there was a saying that its the survival of the fittest.Although many in the world still hold very primitive ,archaeic belief systems and way of being but during this great change on earth it will be the survival of the wisest, most compassionate and spiritual.So the key is to find that sweet spot within and follow its guidance.Everything is going to be fine!Believe!!!

love and light to you,

Tanushree dutta

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